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Since 1990: Octane Design, Inc., an award-winning design firm in Boston, MA has been working with MIT startups to Fortune 100 companies to develop human-centered medical, high-tech and consumer products and user interfaces.


Clients:  Affymetrix, Analogic, BAE Systems, Bayer Healthcare, Bose, Boston Scientific, Chiron Diagnostics, Ciba Corning, Danaher, Digimarc, DRS Technologies, Dusa Pharmaceuticals, E-Ink, Gamera Bioscience, Hologic, iRobot, Jarden,  Johnson & Johnson, Lantos Technologies, Mobil, Philips, Polaroid, Protonex, Raytheon, Rigaku, Safety First,  Siemens Healthcare, Smith & Nephew, Storz, and ZSX Medical.

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